Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Macbeth, Act 3: Acting Companies

After reading your assigned scene in Act 3, please post the following on this blog:

1. The three most important events, in your humble opinion, of this scene.

2. The most important passage in this scene (please include speaker, the lines themselves, and the line numbers--just as you do in your word trace entries).

3. A thoughtful explanation as to why this passage is so significant (what does it reveal about a character or change in character? Is it part of a motif? Does it reveal any emerging themes?).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Questioning Macbeth, Act 1

Based on what we have read so far in Macbeth, what are three discussion questions that could lead us to a deeper understanding of the characters, motifs, and/or themes of this play? Feel free to use the "How To Ask a Great Question" guide at the top of the class website.

After you have posted your three questions, please respond a question posted by somebody else. Be sure to reference clearly which question you are addressing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chance, Choice, and Tragedy

Please find a fairly recent article (within the past year) that describes a tragedy that a person or group of people have faced.

On this blog, please do the following:

First, please offer a brief summary of your article (3-5 sentences).

Second, comment on whether or not you think this person had control over this tragedy--did this happen by choice or by chance? Explain your thinking.

Third, please read over the comments on this post and respond to the following question:Which is the greater tragedy--one that happens because of a bad choice, or the one that happens by random chance? Explain your thinking.