Monday, September 28, 2009

Steinbeck and the American Dream

On the first day we discussed Of Mice and Men, I asked you to define "the American Dream."

Now that we've finished Of Mice and Men, I want you to respond to the following, slightly tougher question:

How would Steinbeck define the American Dream? How do you know?

Enjoy! Remember to read and comment on each other's posts.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stereotypes and Steinbeck

Think back to the article we read in class today ("The Nazi in the 7th Grade") as well as Chapter 4 in Of Mice and Men. Have a discussion we each other using the blog in which you respond to some or all of the questions below:

•What is a stereotype, and where do stereotypes originate?

•Many people think that we’re all somewhat racist, deep down. Do you agree? Do you think people hold onto their stereotypes?

•All the men on the ranch in Of Mice and Men would be considered “working class” or even “low class.” What stereotypes do they have of Crooks, and why do you think they hold onto their stereotypes of Crooks?

Remember to proofread before you post, and be sure to comment on others' posts. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Practicing for Tomorrow

Take a look at Daniel Sprick's self-portrait, "Release Your Plans."

I'd like you to identify any two "clues" that you think are important to understanding this picture, and then I'd like you to take a guess as to what you think the larger theme of this picture might be.

Remember to read others' comments before reading your own so that you can comment on other people's thoughts (it should be a conversation), and so that you avoid repeating what somebody else already said. Also, please use proper spelling and grammar.

P.S. This picture is hanging in the Denver Art Museum right now.